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Apartment Holiday Zakopane

Welcome to Zakopane!

We are pleased to invite you to our comfortable, luxury apartment. They are located in the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Zakopane.



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Apartment SPA

from 200 zł / night

  • 40 m2 apartment
  • Suitable fo 4 persons (1+1+2 or 2+2)
  • Apartment SPA - Ciągłówka 19A
General rules of residence



The apartment should be booked online. You can also make a reservation by the phone +48 509 095 990

The apartment can be booked for at least 2 nights /sometimes the minimum period is longer – further information provided in the pricelist/.

After making a pre-reservation, you should get an email with detailed information and the bank account number where you should transfer 30% of the total amount – not less than the price for one night.

The reservation becomes full when the money is on our account.

You should arrive to the apartment before 6 pm on the first day. We would like you to leave the apartment before 12 am on the last day.

We don’t give any discounts because of your later arrival or earlier departure.

In case of canceling your reservation, the money you transferred will not be given back.

At the arrival you will be asked to show your ID, pay the rest for the whole stay, plus an assurance fee – 200 zł/50 eur. /deposit/

The assurance fee will be given back at the departure after controlling the apartment. In case of any damages, you are obliged to cover the costs.

You will be provided with the bed lining. One for each bed. Even if you don’t need it, we will not give you any discounts.

There are many appliances in the apartment, please be careful using them. Use them always in the way they work.

Our guests can park one car in the parking by the building.

We expect the exact number of guest as it is in the reservation.

Guests are solely responsible for all the belongings left in the apartment.

This is a non smoking apartment – you can smoke on the balcony.

We don’t accept animals in the apartment.

Gross prices, incl. VAT 8%. Pricelist is not an official offer according to Polish Law (art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code). The prices may vary in some periods.



Write to us. Below is the contact form.

Using the form implies acceptance of the Privacy Policy


+48 509 095 990